ZeRo competes in online Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament while playing as… Little Mac


Tempo|ZeRo was widely considered to be the best overall Super Smash Bros. 4 competitor throughout the game’s lifespan before retiring from the scene. While it appeared that he would return to competition for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this ended up not happening due to various reasons.

Thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic, online tournaments are all the rage right now — especially for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As a result, ZeRo is currently competing in the Quarantine Series online event, along with around 5,000 other players.

So which character did ZeRo pull out during his first match up? Diddy Kong? Sheik? What about Wolf, Pichu, Cloud, and Mario?

Apparently, ZeRo felt inspired to use Little Mac. Notably, Little Mac is often regarded as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s very worst challenger on competitive tier lists.

Although Little Mac is known for having a superb ground game, his aerials and recovery options are downright abysmal. Still, one can argue that Little Mac could work in an online setting thanks to input delay.

Due to Little Mac’s glaring faults, a commonly used strategy to counter the Boxer from the Bronx involves platform camping. This is exactly the strategy that ZeRo’s opponent, Firewater with the Ice Climbers, opted for.

Needless to say, both competitors ended up playing very patiently in the second match. Although it nearly came down to a time over, it was strangely hype to spectate.

ZeRo noted after the set that he’ll also be using Diddy Kong, Mario, and Wolf in his future matches throughout the course of the tournament.

Source: VGBootCamp.

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