Here Are Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the C8 Corvette

Following quite a number of videos on the C8 Corvette as well as his own C8, the Chevy Dude returns with another clip about “five things you didn’t know” about the mid-engine sports car. The title is a little underwhelming if you’re a car guy, but nonetheless, Kentucky’s best has a few quirks hiding in plain sight.

The first is the dual-clutch transmission, developed in collaboration with Tremec. In addition to switching from a good ol’ gear lever to a push-button setup, the transmission will never ever go from park to neutral or reverse or manual mode. The same can be said about neutral to manual, but hey, DCTs may come as surprising to C8 owners.

Chevy Dude then talks about the Corvette’s multiple styles of shift lights, including one that shows up in the head-up display when track mode is engaged. It’s hard to categorize this one under “5 Things You Didn’t Know About the 2020 Corvette,” more so because every C8 customer and most enthusiasts know about the shift lights.

Moving on, “you don’t ever have to use park when you’re getting out of the car.” Dual-clutch transmissions have been around for quite a while, and instead of being so startled about this safety feature, Chevy Dude should dig deeper into what Volkswagen has been doing with this type of transmission since 2003.

Remote starting has also made the list, comparing the ‘Vette against his daughter’s Chevrolet Cruze. In the case of the C8, you only need to press the circular button in the middle of the key fob two times to start up the LT2 small-block V8. Shutting the engine off is similarly simple. Just hold the circular button for three seconds.

Up front in the frunk, Chevy Dude reveals the fifth thing we might not know about the mid-engine ‘Vette in the guise of a battery tender with the Corvette logo and a price tag of around $100. He talks about how to close the frunk when the battery maintainer is used, namely closing the frunk to the first click in order to not pinch the cord.

As an added bonus, Mike Davenport as he’s actually called makes a case about the glove box and center console storage compartment. You don’t have to be in valet mode for those to lock; just press the lock button on the key fob and you’re done!

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