10 Cutting-Edge, Futuristic Prototypes From CES 2020

10 Cutting-Edge, Futuristic Prototypes From CES 2020

From an invisible camera to a concept car dreamed up by the director of ‘Avatar,’ these prototypes from CES envision a very interesting future.

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10 Cutting-Edge, Futuristic Prototypes From CES 2020

CES is a time for the tech industry to dream big and set the stage for the future. Sometimes that future is only a few months away, while other times it’s more like a sci-fi fever dream many years out. Here we’re focusing primarily on the latter, bringing you the coolest, craziest prototypes we saw at the show this year.

CES 2020 Bug Art

Sure, a lot of these products will probably never be available to buy. But they may give us a glimpse at what’s in store for consumer technology in the years to come.

  • Mercedes Vision Avtr

    Vision Avtr

    Legendary movie director James Cameron came to CES to unveil a concept car from Mercedes-Benz inspired by his film Avatar. The result is the Vision Avtr, a self-driving vehicle that looks more like a giant reptile than a car. Mercedes envisions the vehicle using a graphene-based battery free of rare earth materials, which would allow it to be composted. The seats are made from vegan leather, while the floor is composed of hand-harvested Indonesian timber.

  • Alienware Concept UFO

    It may look like a Nintendo Switch, but the device pictured here is actually a handheld PC from Alienware called the Concept UFO. It runs Windows 10, but has a dedicated software launcher that shows a library of all your games. Although it’s just a concept, the model we saw is actually quite playable, which is a good indicator that it may one day become a real product.

  • OnePlus Concept CES

    OnePlus’ Invisible Camera

    This feature is pretty subtle, but OnePlus has come up with a way to hide the camera lens on the back of your phone. To do this, it placed the cameras behind electrochromic glass, which can switch from transparent to dark opaque with an electric charge. The feature is poised to arrive on future OnePlus phones after further testing. In addition, the company is hinting the same glass can switch colors.

  • Hyundai Air Taxi

    Hyundai S-A1 Air Taxi

    The Korean car maker showed off a prototype concept plane designed to power air taxis over Uber’s flight-sharing service. Hyudai’s S-A1 is an electric VTOL that can take off from the ground like a helicopter and then fly off like a normal plane. Each S-A1 can carry four passengers at a range of 60 miles. By flying in the air, it can avoid car traffic and travel at a speed of 180mph. The hope is to make the concept plane self-piloting. But it’ll be an pricey ride, with passengers paying $100 for each 20 miles traveled according to Uber.

  • Dell Concept Oro

    Dell’s All-Screen Laptops

    Dell sees a future where laptop owners are comfortable typing on touch screens, and demonstrated this with two new prototypes. The first, Concept Ori, is a laptop with a foldable screen. The second, Concept Duet, has two screens attached with a hinge. Both are certainly eye-catching, though we’re not sure how many people will settle for a virtual keyboard.

  • Intel Horseshoe Bend

    Intel Horseshoe Bend

    Intel also came to CES with a foldable-screen prototype, this one 17.3 inches in size. Dubbed Horseshoe Bend, the concept is basically a giant tablet that becomes something close to a 12-inch laptop when you fold it. It has a kickstand on the back to help you prop it up, and it comes with a detachable keyboard. Intel is hoping this will inspire PC vendors to explore creating new machines with foldable screens.

  • SSD Prototype

    SanDisk 8TB SSD Portable Storage Drive

    When you think of 8 terabytes of storage, you probably think of a thick and hefty hard drive. But Western Digital’s SanDisk has managed to pack 8TB into a pocketable drive with a super-fast 20Gbps data transfer rate. For now, the device is merely a concept. But for reference, the drive is only marginally thicker than SanDisk’s existing 1.3-inch super portable 2TB SD drive, which retails for $429.

  • Vision S

    Sony Vision-S

    We didn’t expect to see a car from Sony, but here it is. The Vision-S is a concept electric vehicle that’s packed with the company’s technology, including a total of 33 cameras, as well as ultrasonic and LiDAR sensors to enable self-driving and features like parking assist. Each seat is outfitted with speakers and displays to give passengers an immersive entertainment experience.

  • LG’s Flat-to-Curved TV

    This 4K TV has a neat trick: It can morph from a flat screen to a curved one, and back again, all with the press of a button. In curved mode, the TV provides a more immersive viewing and audio experience. And although it’s just a concept, LG says the technology is ready for production. To create the bending effect, the company is using its flexible OLED panels, which are also being used for its rollable TVs.

  • Samsung Ballie

    Someone at Samsung has been watching the latest Star Wars films. At CES, the Korean vendor unveiled a robot in the shape of a ball that can roll across the floor. The company envisions Ballie as an assistant bot that can help you around the house and manage your home while you’re away. It can do this by connecting with your other smart home products, like robot vaccums and TVs, to activate and adjust them.

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